SmartForms System Fields

SmartForms System Fields

Within a form you can use the field string SFSY with its system fields. During form processing  the system replaces these fields with the corresponding values. The field values come from the  SAP System or are results of the processing.

System fields of Smart Forms

Displays the date. You determine the display format in the user master record.

Displays the time of day in the form HH:MM:SS.

Inserts the number of the current print page into the text. You determine the  format of the page number (for example, Arabic, numeric) in the page node. 

Displays the total number of pages for the currently processed form. This  allows you to include texts such as'Page x of y' into your output. 

Contains the total page number of all forms in the currently processed print  request. 

Contains the name of the current window (string in the Window field)

Contains the name of the current page (string in the Page field)

Is set to 'X' after a page break (either automatic [Page 7] or  command-controlled [Page 46])

Is set as soon as processing of the main window on the current page ends

Contains the name of the raised exception. You must trigger your own  exceptions, which you defined in the form interface, using the user_exception macro (syntax:  user_exception <exception name >). 

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